The reason about the wire and cable damp and water.

Everyone knows that wires and cables are commonly used industrial products, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life. If many details are not noticed during the use or laying of wires and cables, it will easily cause personal safety. In many cases, wires and cables are very prone to moisture or water, let’s take a look at the reasons below.

1. When the new wire and cable products leave the factory, the two ends will be wrapped with plastic sealing sleeves. Because a section will be removed after actual use at the construction site, the remaining part will be wrapped with simple materials to wrap the joint part. Well, once the days are long, water vapor will not be able to seep into the wires and cables.

2. When laying wires and cables, they often pass through roads, bridges and culverts. Due to weather or other reasons, a lot of water often accumulates in the cable trenches. During the laying process, it is inevitable that the cable heads will be immersed in the water. In this case, water enters the cable due to loose plastic cloth wrapping or damage; in addition, the outer sheath or even the steel armor is sometimes scratched when pulling and piercing the pipe. This phenomenon is particularly prominent when mechanical traction is used. .

3. After the wire and cable are laid, the site construction conditions are restricted and the cable head cannot be made in time, so that the unsealed cable fracture is exposed to the air for a long time, or even immersed in water, causing a large amount of water vapor to enter the cable.

4. During the production process of wire and cable heads (including terminal heads and intermediate joints), due to the negligence of the construction personnel, the newly processed cable ends may accidentally fall into the stagnant water on site.

5. In the normal operation of the wire and cable, if a breakdown or other fault occurs for some reason, the water in the cable trench will enter the cable along the fault point; in the civil construction, especially in the building using large construction machinery On construction sites, cable damage or breakdown accidents caused by various human factors are also common. When this kind of accident occurs, the cable insulation will be severely damaged, so it will also cause water in the cable.

Post time: Mar-06-2021